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Orthopedic surgery needs intensive training program and specific skills to perfect Orthopedic surgery. XR Haptics students are trained in different cases including diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy in the shoulder, hip, knee,and ankle.

  • Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Ankle diagnosis and surgery training with tactile feedback.
  • Different case modules from basic diagnosis to complicated surgery
  • Devices used: Haptic Glove


Embryo Transfer

XR Haptics provides gynecology ­training with no risk to patients. XR simulator provides a realistic experience for uterine sounding, IUD insertion,and embryo transfer. Improves hand-to-the-eye co-ordination to perform the procedure without hitting the walls and other anatomical structures.

  • Gynecology training on the pelvic platform
  • Realistic Embryo transfer simulation without risking any patients
  • Devices Used: Haptic Glove,




XR Haptics provides training for TURP, TURB, Laser BPH with Thulium or HoLEP and morcellation, after completion of this training Urologists are capable of managing complicated cases without any risk for patients.

  • Complete BPH training: TURP, TURB, Laser with Thulium
  • Realistic experience in Urologic surgery with tactile feedback
  • Devices Used: Haptic Glove,


Spinal Epidural Simulator

Simulator under Development




Root Canal Treatment - Advanced Dental Training

Simulator under development

August 22, 2018