XR Simulators

               Protocol based simulators:

  • Simulators can be customized as per protocols of
    • European Resuscitation Council
    • Japan Resuscitation Council
    • Australian Resuscitation Council
    • As per any other country or association guidelines
  • Training module is focused on protocol procedures and guidelines
  •  Interactive and realistic than mannequins
  • Simulated resuscitation performance report of the user will be provided


                skill based surgical simulators:

  • Helps person to acquire the skills before operating on a live person,
  • We make surgeons competent to handle intraoperative complications.
  • The surgeon can practice less commonly performed surgeries beforehand.


              Nursing based simulators:

  • Reduced training variablity and standardization.
  • To Improve hand-to-eye co-ordination to perform the procedure
  • Is truly student centered,experiental learning instead of  passive learning.
  • To learn the feeling of identifying the images of follicles and their anatomy on the screen
August 22, 2018