About US

XR Haptics is a premium product of XR Technica where we develop virtual simulators using the virtual reality (VR) which provide a feeling of realistic training experience of therapeutic, intervention and educational assessments of patients.


We do medical, scientific and technical research to design and developing the appropriate hardware and software by applying advanced XR Technica technology. We develop customized technical tools for each customer to train their sales and marketing team and target their market.


To be a leader in providing experiential learning through immersive health care simulators at an affordable cost across the entire range of clinical skills.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is an immersive simulation technique with a realistic feel of three-dimensional environment, which is created using the preferred software and hardware. It provides the realistic simulating environment for the user allowing the user to interact with the virtual reality world . The virtual feel and experience of VR is achieved by tracking the user’s visual and hand movements. The main application of VR in the field of medicine is to provide training tools to health care professionals to improve their anatomical skills, technical skills and education tools by eliminating the needs of cadavers or mannequins. It also eliminates the emotion aspect of the use by avoiding the original patient scenario.

XR Simulators

XR Haptics allows its user to feel the touch sensation and experience the manipulating sensation of 3D objects in the virtual environment.

The sense of touch is crucial for medical training. XR Haptic’s various haptic interfaces are applied in developing medical simulations which can be used in training health care professionals.These simulators helps in reducing the training time required to work on the real life patients.

August 21, 2018